Bahrain Grand Prix: Race Results

bahrain race results

(image:F1 Twitter)


(image:F1 Twitter)

bahrain drivers standings

11th- Kevin Magnussen-Haas-4 points

12-Esteban Ocon-Force India-3 points

13th-Nico Hulkenberg-Renault-2 points

14th-Danil Kyvat-Toro Rosso-2 points

15th-Pascal Wehrlein-Sauber-0 points

16th-Antonio Giovanazzi-Sauber-0 points

17th-Jolyon Palmer-Renault-0 points

18th-Stoffel Vandoorne-McLaren Honda-0 points

19th-Fernando Alonso-McLaren Honda- 0 points

20th-Marcus Ericsson-Sauber-0 points

21th-Lance Stroll-Williams-0 points

Constructors Standings

1.Ferrari- 102 points

2.Mercedes-99 points

3.Red Bull-47 points

4.Force India-17 points

5.Williams-16 points

6.Toro Rosso-12 points

7.Haas-8 points

8.Renault-2 points

9.Sauber-0 points

10.McLaren Honda-0 points

Chinese F1 Grand Prix: Race Results

china race results

(image:F1 Twitter)


(image:F1 Twitter)

11th-Danil Kyvat-Toro Rosso-2 points

12th-Esteban Ocon-Force India-2 points

13th-Nico Hulkenberg-Renault-0 points

14th-Romain Grosjean-Haas-0 points

15th-Antonio Giovinazzi-Sauber-0 points

16th-Stoffel Vandoorne-McLaren-0 points

17th-Fernando Alonso-McLaren-0 points

18th-Jolyon Palmer-Renault-0 points

19th-Marcus Ericsson-Sauber-0 points

Constructors Standings

  1. Mercedes-66
  2. Ferrari-65
  3. Red Bull Racing-37
  4. Toro Rosso-12
  5. Force India-10
  6. Williams-8
  7. Haas-4
  8. Renault-0
  9. Sauber-0
  10. McLaren Honda-0



Australian Grand Prix: Race Results

F1 race results

f1 drivers standings

Outside the top 10: Nico Hulkenberg, Antonio Giovinazzi, Stoffel Vandoorne

Retirements: Fernando Alonso, Kevin Magnussen, Lance Stroll, Daniel Ricciardo, Marcus Ericsson, Jolyon Palmer, Romain Grosjean.

Pascal Wehrlein was unfit and therefore chose not to take part inĀ  the race for Sauber.

f1 constructors

All credit for these images goes to Formula and Formula One Twitter.