Bahrain Grand Prix: Race Results

bahrain race results

(image:F1 Twitter)


(image:F1 Twitter)

bahrain drivers standings

11th- Kevin Magnussen-Haas-4 points

12-Esteban Ocon-Force India-3 points

13th-Nico Hulkenberg-Renault-2 points

14th-Danil Kyvat-Toro Rosso-2 points

15th-Pascal Wehrlein-Sauber-0 points

16th-Antonio Giovanazzi-Sauber-0 points

17th-Jolyon Palmer-Renault-0 points

18th-Stoffel Vandoorne-McLaren Honda-0 points

19th-Fernando Alonso-McLaren Honda- 0 points

20th-Marcus Ericsson-Sauber-0 points

21th-Lance Stroll-Williams-0 points

Constructors Standings

1.Ferrari- 102 points

2.Mercedes-99 points

3.Red Bull-47 points

4.Force India-17 points

5.Williams-16 points

6.Toro Rosso-12 points

7.Haas-8 points

8.Renault-2 points

9.Sauber-0 points

10.McLaren Honda-0 points

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