Superstar Shake-up – What to expect?

On the Monday Night RAW after Wrestlemania, the Chairman Vince McMahon made a major announcement. This coming RAW we will see a superstar shakeup in which superstars will traded between the two brands.


Last year we had the draft make a huge impact on certain people, who excelled from being given the opportunity to showcase their true talents. With the superstar shakeup, I think only a handful of people will be switched between brands, so I doubt it will be a full on draft like last time. I could be wrong.

There has been much speculation to who will move where but lets look at the 5 most likely Superstars to switch brands on Monday.

1. Sami Zayn to SD Live


Sami Zayn is one of the most underutilized wrestlers in the WWE and needs a change of brand so much. Zayn has the potential to become a huge player in the WWE ranks and Smackdown Live general manager Daniel Bryan is a huge fan of Zayn, he has made that clear with his tweets.

If Zayn were to move to the blue brand, he could easily start off by winning the Intercontinental title. In a year’s time, he should be competing for a world title. Only way to do that is make the switch.

2. AJ Styles to RAW


I will be surprised if this one does not happen. AJ Styles has been the face of Smackdown Live for over a year and has been a vital asset to their success.

Last week on Smackdown, he shook the hand of Commissioner Shane McMahon after their match at Wrestlemania. The handshake signaled a line of respect between the two and was AJ’s way of saying bye to Smackdown Live.

With Nakamura now on Smackdown Live, it is the right time for AJ to move on to Monday Night RAW. Could we see the club get back together?

3. Charlotte to SD Live


Charlotte has been the MVP of not only the RAW women’s division, but the entire division in the company. Charlotte has proved why she is one of the best workers in the company, having stellar matches with Sasha Banks which has elevated women’s wrestling.

There has been talk of Charlotte moving over to the blue brand and now might be the perfect time as any. ┬áThe longtime feud for the RAW women’s title is Sasha vs Bayley and with Charlotte potentially out of the picture, she could be looking to dominate the Smackdown division.

4. Alexa Bliss to RAW

maxresdefault (3)

On the blue brand, the MVP of the Womens division has been Alexa Bliss. For me since the draft last year, she has been the most improved wrestler since the draft. The brand split last year has give her a new lease of life and she has been proven to be a valuable asset to Smackdown.

With reports from the Wrestling Observer, that Charlotte may be on her way to Smackdown, the only logical trade would be Alexa Bliss. Alexa, just recently lost her rematch against Naomi for the women’s title on Smackdown.

5. The New Day to SD Live

new day

The tag team division on RAW is now becoming a bit crowded. Last week we saw The Hardyz return and The Revival make their debut on RAW. With those two tag teams on the brand, accompanied with Sheamus & Cesaro, Gallows and Anderson and Enzo and Cass, there is so much competition for the tag titles on RAW.

Smackdown need some life in their tag team division. You do have the likes of American Alpha and The Usos but away from them the division is very stale. The New Day are currently stuck in a limbo on RAW and would be a breath of fresh air on the blue brand.


Who do you think will move? Let us know by giving us a tweet @blivesport and make sure to tune in to RAW tonight for the Superstar Shakeup

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