Smackdown Recap

Smackdown delivered once again this week as the show keeps up it’s tradition of delivering quality, so soon to Wrestlemania as well. Lets look at the big talking points from this week.

Don’t cross the boss AJ


AJ Styles felt the wrath of Smackdown commissioner Shane McMahon this week as the feud between the two heats up in time for Wrestlemania.

During the show, AJ was waiting to take out Shane Mcmahon once again this week, waiting in the parking lot but Shane was nowhere to be seen.

Mcmahon was in the building all along, as he made his way to the ring to call out Styles. 

Styles made his way out and said he wanted to apologise to Shane, but it was clear that the SmackDown LIVE Commissioner thought it was a trick because he started swinging as soon as Styles entered the squared circle.

The brawl spilled out onto the outside and once Shane got the better of AJ on the outside, he put AJ on the announce table. 

Shane took to the skies and delivered his trademark elbow drop through the table.

It’s not paranoia….it’s new Tag Team Champs


The Usos claimed the Smackdown tag team titles after a hard fought victory over American Alpha.

The match itself was a great advert for the tag team division, although it does pose more questions than answers. I said in my preview that the division was stale as of late, and booking has something to do with it. 

If you wanted that big win to set the Usos up, Wrestlemania would have been the perfect opportunity .

The Usos have been very impressive as of late and hopefully they can elevate the tag team titles just a bit.

Wyatt is now the face of fear

bray sheep

Due to the storyline and chemistry between Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt, it should be main eventing Wrestlemania. 

Although it won’t be, the feud has done wonders for both men – in particular Bray Wyatt.

After baptizing himself in his own sisters ashes last week,  Bray once again got in the head of the Viper. 

After Orton’s match with Baron Corbin, Randy was being interviewed by Renee Young backstage when the lights started to flicker and then went completely out.

Moments later, the lights returned and Orton was surrounded by men in sheep masks who beat down Orton. Then Wyatt appeared.

He told Orton that burning down The Wyatt Family Compound had changed him and made him stronger than ever. 

The Eater of Worlds ordered his apparent minions to trap Orton before performing some type of dark ritual upon The Viper.

Just a note of one of the Sheep men was Victor from the Ascension.

The Miz and Maryse Total Bellas Sketch

The Miz and Maryse gave us gold this week – really you have to watch these.

 It’s Miz and Maryse mocking John Cena and Nikki Bella. Enjoy .

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