Smackdown Live Preview

The Blue Brand rolls into Connecticut tonight as the Road to Wrestlemania takes another pit stop along the line.

The Fate of AJ Styles


Last week, we finally saw AJ Styles snap as he threw commissioner Shane Mcmahon through a car window.

AJ Styles feels as though he is warranted a WWE Championship match after jumping through every hurdle put in front of him.

After his actions last week, SmackDown LIVE General Manager Daniel Bryan fired The Phenomenal One and kicked him out of the building.

However, as the show was about to conclude, a battered Shane-O-Mac emerged to make the emphatic statement, “AJ Styles says he doesn’t have an opponent at WrestleMania… he does now”.

Expect some buildup this week for the inevitable match between Shane and Styles for Wrestlemania.

Tag Team Titles On The Line


I am going to be honest here, the tag team division on Smackdown is in a very confusing state.

Due to the lack of viable and legit contenders for the titles, there really isn’t anyone who can dethrone American Alpha at this point.

However, one team that has benefited as of late is The Usos.

Their heel turn has give them a new lease of life which has added a bit of life into what is a stale division thus far.

The rivalry between AA and The Usos has been brewing for a while now and with The Usos picking up a Non-Title win recently, they have earned themselves a shot at AA.

Can they win the titles before Wrestlemania?

Mind Games Set To Continue


The story between WWE Champion Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton went to some really dark places last week and I am very much enjoying this storyline.

As we know Randy and Bray have been on a collision course since Bray won the title at the Elimination Chamber and things really got heated up (no pun intended) when Orton burned down the Wyatt family compound with sister Abigail inside it.

Last week though Bray baptized himself in the ashes of sister Abigail to really take the feud into even darker places to really heighten their match for Wrestlemania.

This week expect more of the same.

More Entrants Added To Andre The Giant Battle Royal


The Andre the Giant memorial Battle Royal is starting to fill up, after last week when Mojo Rawley announced himself in contention for the annual match.

Dolph Ziggler will be in the match as well and of course Apollo Crews.

This match should be set up to elevate someone from the mid-card to on the fringes of the main event, so expect some more participants to be announced by both brands in fact as we lead up to Wrestlemania.

Battle Of The Couples


The feud between Cena/Nikki & Miz/Maryse is doing better than I expected.

When I heard about this proposed match, I was very apprehensive about it but the work these four have been doing has been great.

Last week, a challenge was issued by Cena and Nikki, to which Miz and Maryse avoided the confrontation through the crowd.

Will Miz and his dangerous bride attempt to regain some momentum just two weeks before The Ultimate Thrill Ride?

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